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Underwear redefined

Forget about all men's boxershorts from the established brands currently on the market. It's time for a revolution: the new standard is THESHORT. Without a doubt, we make the most comfortable mens boxers you've ever felt and worn. Not only good for yourself, but THESHORT looks that stylish and clean, which is going to appreciated by your partner as well.

Why are we so sure?
THESHORT stands for top quality, timeless design and ultimate comfort, because we only use the finest materials in our amazing product! The elastic band is so soft, you don’t feel you're wearing it! If you (like us) are fed-up with all those the screaming prints on men's underpants, you've come to the right place. Our "modern basics” need no frills, less is more and quality is everything, and for that reason suitable for all ages.
Another important feature of our short is "BALL SUPPORT". This specially constructed panel ensures that your valuable assets get lifted slightly, which feels very nice and comfortable!

Our product

It’s like you can feel it already

As an introduction we offer a carefully selected two-pack. With a perfectly-fitted style in 8 fashionable colors. We won’t say that once worn you never will wear anything else, but you will. Still curious about ball support? Click and learn.

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Super Soft Waistband

The elastic waistband with just the right height, is made from super soft Nylon yarns, creating not only a thin but also an extremely comfortable feeling against the skin. No more scratchy and irritating sensations

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Exceptional Fabric

The fabric used on our products is high quality due to it’s super fine combed cotton with elastane yarns, heavy weight and superior finishing.

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Silk Touch

All fabric used on our products are treated with several special and delicate washes, creating an unbelievable soft and comfortable handfeel. Softer than a woman’s skin.

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Ball Support

Our biggest asset is designed to keep your biggest asset comfortably in place; by using a special constructed front panel, rather than flattening and tightening it gently lifts your jewels up and away from your legs, creating extra support and making it extremely comfortably to wear. Halle-f*cking-lujah!

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Comfort Fit

Medium length, modern style fitted boxershort with strategically placed, anti-irritating seams. Double layer front panel for extra support and comfort and scratch-proof printed interior labeling.


Pick a color, select your size and go for it

Pick one or more packages of two shorts you like below. If you want to buy a package multiple times and different sizes, you can select those options in the shopping cart.

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When you select a color, our filter shows the product we have available matching that of your choice. Again, 1 pack contains 2 shorts.